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National Youth Development Training AcademyNational Youth Development Training AcademyNational Youth Development Training Academy

About us

M.H. Shahin

Welcome To Digital IT Bangla

Digital It Bangla is a renowned IT institute founded in 2000 with a very Student & Customer friendly environment. It offers comprehensive training programs as well as Services (e.g.Office, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Development and Web Design, Digital Marketing, Domain/Web Hosting, Software service/ Hosted Software etc) on different IT Web sectors with a strong base of real-time trainers with proven expertise in varied technology domains. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best IT Web Lessons and Services, with a focus on achieving your ultimate goal. we are committed to provide you world class standard training which you can use in every purpose in your job. You will find us your satisfaction when you complete our Courses. I can assure all of you we will provide our best to you. We offer all types off computer base training to you. Our proficiency lies between figuring out your talent, understanding youraptitude, analyzing your needs and nurturing you to reach the zenith oftechnological excellence. We believe in the native potential of every individual.Our alumni have been raised from junior executives to team leaders, projectheads and administration authorities over the years.

We follow a customized syllabus to fulfill the career goals of the students as nicelyas professionals. Our students achieve an in-depth understanding of the course ina practical manner and get immediate placement after the completion of thecourse.

About Us

Digital IT Bangla is an institution where empowering the community for an excellent standard of learning is what we desire. We endeavor for the continuous improvement of our leaders who will work for constructing a better future. The institute is dedicated to serving the quality training programs under Government certification which remarks us in the IT world. We will continue to share our knowledge for contributing to the success of individuals and to serve society with the best interest.

We are committed to providing our students with a platform where superiority is the mantra. We nurture the young talent by sharing knowledge, providing supports in learning techniques, co-operating them for international standard projects, making successful freelancers and driving our youth towards a world of entrepreneurship and thus reducing inequalities. Our culture is important to us and our team of experts drives our culture. The skilled human resource make our deliverables valuable that really helps us to set our standard internationally.

In this fast-paced digital world, achieving in career and reaching in targeted goal is depending on the proper execution of planning, implementing and sustaining changes. So getting there with an institution like us will be your wise choice. Your great experience of learning influences our way of training and thus we serve our students and engage with our commitments. Here we invite you to come and join us to have a change in the result of your life and thus we would be grateful to know you and to strengthen a long-lasting relationship

Our Mission

  • To empower the community by ensuring state of the art method which strengthens the belief in quality learning.
  • To raise opportunities and growth by broadening the areas and possibilities for our future leaders.
  • To connect the best selected human resources for delivering standard values that support leaders to flourish.
  • To utilize the power of youth by serving and meeting the emerging needs both in the local and global networks.
  • To reduce inequalities for the best interest of society by creating an international array of excellence.